Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Secret of Actium is Ready for Playtest

The Secret of Actium is officially complete and ready for playtest. This exciting new adventure begins with a mysterious murder in Rome at the beginning of 38 AD and uncovers an insidious plot against the empire. It includes points of investigation in three major cities and gives the players the freedom to explore in any way they like.

Anyone interested in playtesting the Secret of Actium can contact us at:

Playtesters will be provided with a complimentary PDF of the Servants of Gaius rulebook, a pdf of the Secret of Actium manuscript, early-stage maps to help manage the adventure (including a war map to track unfolding political events), and their names will appear in the credit of the module. Once it is released all playtesters will receive a PDF copy of the Secret of Actium.

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