Thursday, June 28, 2012

Servants of Gaius Adventure and Supplements

Bedrock Games is currently working on support material for Servants of Gaius. We believe strongly in adventure modules and setting books, so our first projects are Pomponius Mela's Guide to Aegyptus and The Secret of Actium. We will hopefully have both released by the end of the year.

Pomponius Mela's Guide to Aegyptus provides gamemasters and players with a rich first hand account of the province of Aegyptus as well as several GM chapters on gods, monsters, equipment and non-player characters. It is in the final stages of development and should go into layout by mid-July.

The Secret of Actium is a robust investigative module that brings our award-winning approach to adventure design to Caligula's Rome. It will be larger than most of our other modules in the past (both the page size and the page count) so it is quite the project. Anyone interested in playtesting The Secret of Actium can contact me at for a copy of the manuscript and regional maps.

Down the road we will also release more setting books and adventures for Servants of Gaius.

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